Hot Licks @ Six and Sounds & Tastes of the Big Easy


Friday June 29 - Two Exciting Shows!
Suicide Six Ski Lodge 247 Stage Rd, South Pomfret, Vermont, 05067

Join us in the Interplay jazz club with over 20 award-winning jazz musicians letting loose in a show that will have shoutin’ and jumpin’ with joy!

New Orleans style dinner provided by the Woodstock Inn & Resort.

“A Southern Dinner” a tribute to those that contributed to the cuisine of the Old South, the birth place of the greatest music genres, Jazz for one!
As the many people groups arrived on our shores, seeds formally, then vegetables not previously known in America found their way to the kitchens and tables, and brought comfort to those that savored them.

The Buffet
Early America enjoyed local produce and vegetables from kitchen gardens eating only what is in season. A Tossed Salad is a summer treat.

Tossed Southern Green Salad
Garden Tomatoes, English Cucumber, Garlic Croutons, Carrot Ribbons
Green Goddess Dressing or Olive Oil & Vinegar

Fired Chicken holds a special place in Southern Cooking. This dish is in tribute to those flavors, served with Wild Mushroom Crema, (Our upscale version of gravy) and garnished by a tomato relish.
Panéed Breast of Chicken
Wild Mushroom Crema, Carolina Tomato Relish

Corn in many forms finds its way into southern cooking. Our Roasted Corn Polenta Cakes, made from Anson Mills medium grind corn meal, provide an enjoyable side dish.
Roasted Corn Polenta Cakes
Herb Butter Sauce

Crispy Eggplant
Wilted Greens, Tomato Fondue

Casserole a name originated in France referring to the “Casse” or deep dish, that was used to cook items low and slow uncovered, and served in the same dish. No Southern table would be complete without a casserole. Our features squash from the garden, onions, herbs, and cream.
Southern Squash Casserole

The word “Trifle” means of little consequence, however enjoying a well-made Trifle is anything but that. The Trifle we know today finds its roots in history, first recorded in 1654, it’s a written variation of a dessert of that time a Fool (Pureed cooked fruit mixed into whipped cream), was upgraded with the addition of cake and sherry. Mid 1700s the fruit is added, and that is the version we bring to you today.
Summer Berry Fruit Trifle

The pecan is a native nut to North America that was gifted to Tomas Jefferson by George Washington. Often referred to as “Illinois Nuts”, the pecan has taken its rightful place in Southern Cooking. This Pecan Square recipe made by an English Baker uses honey as a sweetener, I hope you find it delightful.
Pecan Squares.

Cash Bar.

This concert is a fundraiser with profits supporting Interplay Jazz & Arts Scholarship Fund.

Advance tickets available through Eventbrite $75 per person.

Presented by Interplay Jazz & Arts. Sponsored by Pentangle Arts Council, Woodstock Inn & Resort

Suicide Six Ski Area
247 Stage Rd VT 05067
South Pomfret, VT
Map and Directions

Date: June 29, 2018