25th Year!

June 26 – July 2, 2022

  • Kimball Union Academy – a residential facility in Meriden, NH
  • Inspiring classes in creativity, composition, arranging, improvisation, jazz theory, ear
training, transcription, and more
  • Exciting ensembles in intimate settings, numerous performances, and nightly jam sessions
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Tuition: $1295

COVID protocols: We will strictly follow a combination of the most current CDC guidelines and KUA protocols and will continually evaluate both sources leading up to and during camp. 

Instrumental Jazz Camp

Unlock the mysteries of improvisation and build your jazz repertoire in this powerful and inspiring weeklong workshop. Interplay’s award-winning faculty mentors will support you in mastering techniques and overcoming challenges in daily master classes. Rehearse and play in a combo each day, as you build your jazz repertoire and performance skills. Develop your jazz vocabulary in theory and improvisation classes, and through listening to and playing with Interplay faculty and students in nightly jam sessions.

Vocal Jazz Camp

Interplay engages amazing vocal instructors who represent a wide range of vocal jazz styles. They are performers, recording artists, teachers, and students themselves, ever-evolving and thrilled to be bringing their experience, experiences, and knowledge to you. They are committed to teaching and mentoring. Although we have a schedule with set times, classes and expectations, it is important to note that this is JAZZ and if we find there is an opportunity to improvise, make a change, and take that opportunity that presents itself to better the experience at Interplay, we WILL take it. Daily activities include ear training, theory classes, yoga, master classes, inspirational all camp meetings, vocal rotations, lunch, and dinner. Evening activities include faculty performances small ensembles rehearsals, swing dance, and jam sessions. So get ready to have one of the best weeks of your life on the wild ride at Interplay Jazz & Arts. It will change your life!

Vocal students meet together to address skills common to all of us.
Breath work / your instrument
Scat singing
Personalized interpretation of song
Building repertoire

Small groups meet according to experience level in master class rotations for one-on-one coaching. Not all vocalists may be ready for this type of intense work.

Small groups meet according to experience level to work on skills such as basic ear training, counting off a tune, learning melodies, determining keys, and pitch matching.

Evening jam sessions allow for working with other students and trying out tunes with a band.
Our vocal student to teacher ratio is generally 4:1.

Application materials
Please send us one or two, (but no more than two) MP3 files.
This recording should be of a song that represents your jazz singing. What you are currently performing or practicing. You can record it on your phone if that’s the tool you have available to you.

Students will be assigned two songs by May 25th and that they will be expected to come prepared having learned melody and lyrics.

Interplay will also send you a short ear training and theory assessment. This will help us to place you in the most appropriate class setting.


Need to speak to someone? Feel free to call Interplay Summer Camp Director Justin Varnes @ 201 637 8317

Scholarship Information 

A limited amount of financial support may be available to individuals who are unable to attend Interplay Jazz & Arts without financial assistance, and who request tuition reduction in online or in writing by May 15, 2022

Financial support to attend Interplay’s workshops is based on need and merit. All recipients should plan on paying the $300 camp reservation. After evaluating all requests, the Interplay development committee will make a decision about how much financial support we can give to each student by May 25, 2022

You will receive notification on or before May 25, 2022. We will do our best to make it possible for each interested student requesting support to attend Interplay Jazz & Arts.

You must register for the camp and pay the $300 deposit BEFORE applying for financial aid. Register here.

Click here to apply for a scholarship.

Hotel Information

For those looking to stay at a nearby hotel, below are a few of the options. These hotels are in Lebanon, NH – about 15 minutes from the KUA campus.

Courtyard by Marriott

Residence Inn by Marriott

Hilton Garden Inn

Quality Inn