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This is the first of 6 Blogs designed help camp participants prepare for Interplay Jazz Camp. Each week, we’ll share tips for getting ready and answer FAQ’s.


First Day of Camp – Saturday June 22

9 AM – 11 AMRegistration

11:30 AM        Yoga

1 PM                Lunch

2 PM                Master Class

4:30 PM          Free Time

5 PM                Welcome Meeting

6 PM                Dinner

7 PM                Jam Sessions

10 PM              Late Night


Daily Schedule

Each Day we offer Master Classes, Combos, 3 Meals, Yoga, Electives (ear training, rhythm, listening sessions, films, private lessons) and Jam Sessions. Although subject to change, you’ll have the opportunity to spend approximately this amount of time in these activities. We also encourage you to take breaks and pace yourself as needed.

Master Classes 11.5 Hours
Combo / Vocal Breakouts 18 Hours
Private Lessons 2 One Half Hour Lessons
Jam Sessions 15 Hours
Yoga 13 Hours
Electives 6 Hours


Last Day of Camp – Saturday, June 29

Yoga & Meditation

Breakfast & Lunch

12:30 – 4 PM   Student Performances


Travel – If you need assistance getting to and from Camp, please check out this link on the website and let us know if you need assistance.


Performance Schedules, Public events & Tickets – all performances are on the campus of Kimball Union Academy

Sunday 6/23, 7:30 PM                         FACULTY PERFORMANCE

Tuesday 6/25, 7-9 PM                         VOCAL WORKSHOP

Wednesday 6/26, 8-11 PM                 SWING DANCE

Thursday 6/27, 7 & 8 PM                     JAM SESSION & VOCAL CABARET

Friday 6/28, 7 PM                                VOCAL CABARET

Saturday 6/29, 12:30- 4 PM               STUDENT PERFORMANCE

Student performance tickets are included in your tuition. Guests and family can purchase tickets at:

Some FAQ

  • I play multiple instruments; will I be able to play more than one instrument at camp? YES! Although we encourage you to choose one instrument to study on in master classes during the week, jam sessions and impromptu late-night playing are perfect opportunities to play put with your other instrument,
  • What do I need to bring to camp?
  • Your instrument! Guitarists and bassists should bring an amp, drummers let us know if you will be bringing a drum set. There are piano’s on campus. Some people have brought a keyboard into their room for private practice. There are some practice rooms available on campus with pianos.
  • Music! If you have specific tunes that you are working on, please bring lead sheets in your key. We recommend bringing a digital device (iPad, Tablet, Cell phone). We suggest downloading the IReal Pro App. If you do not know how to use this, we will have a class at camp early in the week to help get you started. Fake books or Real Books are also helpful.
  • Dorm rooms have a twin bed, desk, dresser, pillow, sheets, blanket and bath towel provided. Bring what you would like to make the room comfortable.
  • Yoga clothes, comfortable clothing for every day, clothing for the swing dance and performances.
  • I have special dietary restrictions; what kind of food is offered at camp? The chef at Kimball Union Academy provides local foods, organic, vegan, vegetarian offerings each meal. Each meal is presented as a buffet so that you have choices. Meal times are an important time to nourish our bodies, enjoy each other’s company and get to know each other better.


Think about what three things you’d like to accomplish or challenge yourself with during the week. Focus on a few things will help you find direction for the week. You’ll have time to discuss these with your faculty members and get excellent advice during the week on how to reach your goals.


Deadline for Scholarships is May 15thand tuition increases June 4th. Please invite a friend to join you at camp. We still have some spaces available!


Get Ready! Workshop with Fred Haas

This workshop is designed for those who would like support in organizing their materials, time and practice routine and to cover repertoire and effective learning of tunes. The workshop will be suitable for both instrumentalists and vocalists who have the primary goal of creating and building a workable and well-balanced song list.

All participants are expected to come prepared with a list of the tunes that they already feel comfortable with and can play from memory.

Date: Saturday, May 18
Time: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Location: 59 Draper Road
Hartland, VT 05048
Fee: $100 (includes lunch and snacks)


A little inspirationand a peak into the fun you are going to have!


We are excited to spend the week with you and invite you to email with any additional questions. Next Monday, watch for the next installment of “Get Ready”!


Sabrina & Fred

Interplay Jazz & Arts


Sabrina            Questions on housing, schedule, travel, food, performances

Email           Cell 802-356-5060

Fred                 Questions on learning content, faculty, scheduling

Email                               Cell 802-291-0788